I have been told I am required to have my inflatables tested every year is this true and is
it the law?

It is actually not true or the law. There is no law to say you have to have your inflatables
tested annually, however it is highly recommended and best practice. A lot of councils,
schools etc will most likely 9 times out of 10 request a valid test certificate.

I have been told the test has to be a PIPA or ADIPS test, is this true?

No. This is not true and if a council or school tell you this they have been mis-informed.
An inflatable test can be carried out by a competent person within the industry, such as
a manufacturer or testing and repairs business. PIPA is simply just a brand name of testing
that has been heard of the most, which is why people think it is the law.

How long is my test valid for?

Your test will last for 12 months and then expire.

How can you re-test my inflatables once they expire?

Once your valid test has expired, you can bring them to us or ship them to us and we can
complete an inspection and test on the inflatable(s). We can also conduct any alterations or
repair work that many be needed in order for them to pass the test.

Do you come out to us to test on our site?

This maybe arranged if you are very local to us but we do not tend to come to you at the
moment. We may bring this service in the future.